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Why a Co-op?

Being in a preschool co-op gives you an opportunity to spend time in your child’s classroom, to really know what the children are doing at school. You get to watch children in their class and have hands on involvement throughout the school year.

On average, parents work twice per month in the 3s class; three times a month in the Pre-K class.

The Preschool co-op is run in a similar way to other co-ops. Each member has roles and responsibilities that they are expected to carry out. Members attend a monthly meeting during which co-op business is attended to in the first half and a parent education lecture takes place in the second half.

The increased level of parent support in class has several benefits. The ratio of children to adults is very low – typically around one adult to every four children. As a parent you also get to experience the preschool hands on and build strong bonds with others within the co-op. Another benefit is that the costs of the preschool are lower than elsewhere because of the volunteer adult support.