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Parent Responsibilities

Whichever class you join, you will be trained and encouraged by three early childhood professionals who respect you as the parent and first teacher of the child.  They will offer guidance in working with children within the age range of the class.

As a parent in the Monday Toddler (2-year-old) class, you are expected to accompany your child to class for the entire time.

In the classroom, you will interact with your child sometimes and sometimes observe the children.  You will sign up to bring snack 2 – 3 times a year.

As a parent of Issaquah Cooperative Preschool (3’s and Pre-K classes), you will be asked to agree to fulfill your participation, financial and safety responsibilities in the following ways:

Work in the Classroom: Each parent works on average two or three times per month in the classroom, depending on class size and age ratios.
Parent Education: Attend monthly evening Parent Education Classes/Business Meetings [September- May].
Attend Spring Organizational Meeting [for the upcoming school year].
Attend the September Fall Orientation Meeting.
Attend the September Teacher Assistant Workshop.
Housekeeping: Work at the September school set-up in September (this contributes to your work hour credits)
Earn eight work hour credits during the school year.
Keep your child at home if there are any signs of communicable disease.
Financial Responsibility: Tuition and other fees paid in accordance with Standing Rules.
Maintain Parent Job Position or Board Position

Here is the list of our Pre-K class Parent Job Descriptions.
Here is the list of our 3s class Parent Job Descriptions.