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The mission of Issaquah Cooperative Preschool is to support and inspire children’s development as self-motivated learners in an imaginative, creative, and cooperative environment with the belief that the partnership between the family and the school is fundamental to each child’s success.

For the children

  • Children learn by freely exploring in an age appropriate, safe environment.
  • Learning is enriched when children are encouraged to discover, create, imagine, wonder, and reflect upon their work.
  • Interaction and shared discovery with peers and supportive adults increases the depth of cognition that occurs as children explore.
  • Learning moments and teaching moments for our children are often spontaneous. These moments are enhanced and accentuated each time our children have a chance to experience new elements of their world or to experience familiar elements anew.
  • Being part of a learning community fosters independence, respect for others, problem solving, social learning, and emotional well being.
  • Children who are respected, accepted, encouraged, and challenged will be ready for their next step in their education.

For caregivers and teachers

  • Our school is a community where families play a central role.
  • As adults we learn from one another, support one another, and grow as we share experiences.
  • Caregivers and teachers are partners in the school and teamwork and cooperation are as important for the adults as they are for the children.
  • Caregivers’ understanding of their own children and of child development is increased by participation in the classroom, by observations, and by discussion at member meetings. This deeper understanding benefits the learning environment for the children.
  • Each of our families brings its own experiences, similarities and differences to the classroom. Together we can open the door to a broader social, academic and creative world for our children and for ourselves.