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Children’s Teacher

3s & Pre-K Children’s Teacher

Steffeny Wood

Steffeny is the children’s teacher for both the 3’s class and Pre-K class. She has been working with children since her first teaching internship in 1993.  She has a degree in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Language Arts.  Her experience with preschoolers began when setting up play groups for her own children.  Steffeny was an involved Issaquah Coop parent with her own two boys and daughter, occasionally filling in as the substitute teacher.

A former 2nd and 3rd grade teacher, Steffeny has also taught at a Bellevue College Toddler class and a Pre-K 4 and 5 year-old class.  We are excited to have Steffeny returning to ICP this year as our children’s teacher.

Steffeny and her family are Issaquah residents and enjoy outdoor activities like camping, waterskiing and snow skiing.  She enjoys attending her children’s sports activities.

“I love the excitement and wonder children possess.  I enjoy working in a career that allows me to interact with children on a regular basis, contributing to and observing their growth and development.  I enjoy providing projects for the students that bring out their creativity and imagination.  I am looking forward to working with both the children and their parents in the classroom.”


Toddler 2s Children’s Teachers

Monica Rodriguez

Monica is one of the children’s teachers in the Toddler class.  She loves working with the toddlers and believes strongly in the importance of play in children’s cognitive and social development.  Monica holds a Bachelor of Architecture and a Master in Teaching.  In addition to the Toddler class, Monica is also on the teaching team for the Science Discovery Class.  She has two children, ages 15 and 13 and participated in the BC programs with both of them.  Monica loves teaching and learning along side kids through hands on learning activities.  Monica loves spending time with her family, cooking, reading, hiking and spending time outdoors with her dog.
Monisha Pulijala
I live on the East side with my husband and two kids. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. When pursuing my professional education, I never imagined landing in a teacher‘s role for little kids one day! I’ve always enjoyed though playing with little kids and being surrounded by them.  When my younger kid was ready to start school, I enrolled him in a Co-op preschool nearby. I did a lot of volunteering work for the school in those couple years and this is where I got first-hand experience teaching little kids and interacting with them. It made me realize how much fun teaching and interacting with young kids can be and I decided to pursue my interest. Fast-forward and I have now been teaching in various BC programs for 3 years!  In my free time, I enjoy painting, cooking/baking, movies, and spending time with my family.  I’m excited to be a part of toddlers early education program.