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“I’m so thankful. I’m thankful to the mom I met at a local park who told me about the Bellevue College Parent Ed program which led me to the Issaquah Toddlers and Issaquah Coop Preschool. I’m thankful to the wonderful families that are part of this program and the lasting friendships that my family has made. I’m thankful for the amazing, caring teacher who has made my son’s entrance into education so positive. Can’t wait for my younger child to start in this amazing program in a few years.”

“I have loved being part of a BC Parent Ed Coop because of the involved, caring community of parents. It is a unique community of parents that share your parenting values and a strong desire to be involved in their child’s education and development. My kids have loved the play-based program and the parent involvement only further enhances the experience.”

Traci K - Parent

I enjoyed watching my children in the classroom as they learned and made friends. I enjoyed meeting the other parents and getting feedback from them as well as the teachers.

Anonymous - Parent

We loved the opportunity to work with and get to know both parents and kids.

Ann B - Parent

I enjoyed being a part of the co-op for many reasons, first I loved being able to work in my child’s classroom and get to know the other children and their parents.The huge bonus was being around other involved parents and the parent ed meetings that were very educational and insightful. It was a fun experience and my child loved going to school every day.

Marcy B - Parent